The times they are a changing; new beds, new theme

We were talking last night about buying the boys some new beds. The little cotbeds that have served us so well, up until now, are beginning to look a little ‘pinched’ — for want of a better word. There is still a little bit of room, between their feet and the end of each bed; but not much. It seems like yesterday when we bought them. I remember thinking that 4 years seemed like ages away, when the lady in the shop said that they’d probably last until the boys went to school. But in the blink of an eye my babies are grown. We’re preparing for them to start school in just 6 weeks time and the little cotbeds have been outgrown. *sobs* But anyway. I think we’ve pretty much settled on the idea of bunkbeds  but it’s got me thinking about redecorating. I’ve always loved their room; white and brights. The perfect combo for little people. As they’re a little older, I think now’s the time to lose the colourful wallpaper (maybe?) and try to think of a theme that will carry them through the next 4 or 5 years. My godson is now 10 and he’s recently… Read More

Tips for decorating a caravan | Painting and wallpapering the interior

I regularly receive emails from fellow caravan enthusiasts with questions about Dolly 1 and, more recently, Dolly 2. Very often, they’ve stumbled across my blog posts — or Pinterest pins — and ask for tips on decorating a caravan. I’m asked what kind of paint we used on the walls and cupboards and what we used to hang the wallpaper. So finally, I’ve decided to make a little list of tips for decorating a caravan interior. It’s super simple and the look that can be achieved is fabulous. I’m going to split the content into various posts — painting and wallpapering the interior, then all the fiddly bits like sinks and fittings, the upholstery and, finally, revamping the exterior. There’s way too much content for one post — and there’s also a LOT of photos!! So here goes… Decorating a Caravan » Part 1 Painting Woodwork and veneer covered walls: In most older caravans — and even bright shiny new ones — the interior seems to be a sea of brown (or worse, orange) wood. In some cases it’s real. In a lot of cases it’s chipboard; covered in a plastic wooden-look coating. The doors in both our vans have been solid wood but the surrounds… Read More

Home Etc #108

Last week saw the news that my friend — and co-founder of Home Etc — Jess, will be stepping down from hosting. Next Wednesday will be her last official day. It’s sad but totally understandable. Jess has taken on such a lot of social media work over the past few months plus her blog is more fashion focussed these days too. She won’t be too far away though and will still also be linking up periodically! Home Etc will continue to be hosted by myself and the lovely Lins from Boo and Maddie, on rotation. Home Etc Favourites Last week we had some gorgeous blogs linking in. Special mention to Becky at Pinks Charming who shared a brilliant tutorial on how to create a fantastic breakfast bar using stylish hairpin legs that she’d sourced online. Such a cool idea. I love mid-century furniture and this modern take on the classic designs is genius! Second favourite came from Kara who blogs over at Innocent Charms Chats. Her post on the merits of peach interiors made me smile. As a fifteen year old with very strong ideas on interior design, my bedroom was a vision in peach and silver. It’s definitely not… Read More

Simple tips for an easy bathroom makeover

Although I wouldn’t call myself a slave to interior trends, I love mixing things up on a fairly regular basis. Richard would roll his eyes at this point. I think ‘fickle’ might be a good description. Our bathroom has had more mini-facelifts than I can count on one hand. I guess that’s a lot when you consider we’ve only lived here for 6 years. That said, they’re not huge renovations each time. A bathroom makeover doesn’t have to be expensive and, if you follow these simple tips, you won’t have to retile or change the hardware every-time you want to alter the feel of the room. Before you know it you’ll be able to easily give the smallest room in the house an inviting new look, as often as the season’s change. 1. Give yourself a neutral backdrop. I love colour but I also get bored easily. By painting a room white — or choosing classic, plain white tiles — you can regularly refurbish the space. And introduce new key colours or patterns, simply by changing the accessories. If fixed elements — like walls and tiles — were bold, patterned or bright, it would be so costly to keep altering them… Read More

Home Etc #104

Welcome to this week’s Home Etc! Such beautiful weather this week — I hope you’re enjoying this mini heatwave and not melting in the sun. I’ve been loving it but wishing I could work outside. Sadly, Apple haven’t perfected a non-reflective screen yet and all I can see in my Macbook is the garden! But hey. That’s a small price to pay for all this lovely sunshine. HOME ETC FAVOURITES Last week’s favourites, chosen by Jess and Lins, come from Philippa who is curator and editor at The Maker Place. She shared her top tips  for the best paint colours and brands to use in your home. This is a subject close to my own heart too. I’m a sucker for a heavily pigmented paint, with a chalky finish, and am never happier than when browsing through the colour charts. I absolutely love this blush grey toned pink from The Paint and Paper Library. I’ve literally just painted our bedroom walls but when I see something as glorious as this, it makes me want to get my painting gear out all over again. Another fave post from last week came from Caroline who writes the blog Diary Of a Mum of… Read More

Through the Looking Glass | Decorating with a garden mirror

Our garden has been amazing over the last few weeks. I’ve never seen so many blooms on the rose plants before and the alliums that we planted last year have been flowering for the first time. I’ve spoken about our garden many times on the blog. It’s a decent size — not too big, not too small — surrounded by mellow, red brick walls. Those Victorians really knew a thing about garden design didn’t they? Even the most modest space takes on a grand feel if it’s enclosed by a wall. And also gives the sense of being in a real-life ‘secret garden‘. That said, because the walls are eight foot high — and and some cases feel even higher due to the ivy growing above them — some areas of the garden can feel quite dark. One way to add a little bit of light to a dark corner is by using a garden mirror. A strategically placed mirror will illuminate even the gloomiest corner and also give tantalising glimpses into other areas. A Room with a View Another reason for adding a garden mirror — as well as giving the illusion of space and adding light — is… Read More

Home Etc #102

It’s Home Etc day and normal service has resumed! Hurrah! The girls and I have been promoting our amazing giveaway that’s been running over the last couple of weeks. We’ve had over 10,000 entries but if you haven’t entered there’s still time! The competition ends tonight at midnight. Just pop over to the Home Etc birthday post and scroll down to the competition box to enter. One lucky winner will bag a fantastic £100 giftcard to spend at Laura Ashley. As we’ve not been running the link-up for the last couple of weeks, it seems a bit strange not to have any of our Home Etc ‘favourites’ to promote. So I thought I’d share a couple of pictures from Bosinver, in Cornwall, where I stayed  a couple of week’s ago. Anyway! Back to this week’s link up. HOME ETC HOUSE-RULES 1) Please include our lovely #HomeEtc badge at the bottom of your post. <div align=”center”><a href=”” title=“HomeEtc”><img src=”” alt=”Home Etc” style=”border:none;” /></a></div> 2) You may link up to two posts — new or old (sometimes the old posts are forgotten about, so please dust them down and show them off; we’d love to read them!)  — but no more than two posts each week please. 3) Please be kind enough to comment on… Read More

Operation She Shed | #5 The Build {Painting The Interior}

Part 5 of Operation She Shed is all about painting the interior. I said from the start that these posts weren’t going to be that sexy — and I wasn’t kidding — but in order to see the butterfly, you have to begin with a dull old chrysalis. Or something like that. Anyway. Just to put this post into context, we’d already boarded and insulated the shed — you can read about that here. Because my She Shed is — as it’s name would suggest — a shed (and not a room in an actual house) we decided against having the walls professionally plastered. But in order to tidy up the joins and all the screw holes in the plasterboard — and make it look half decent — I used plasterboard tape. It’s like a wide mesh self-adhesive tape — perfect for reinforcing joints and repairing cracks in plasterboard. You stick it over the fissures and then can use a filler to smooth over the mesh. This is the perfect solution if you’re not going to skim over the walls with plaster. Once you’ve sanded it you can barely see where the joins once were, then you’re ready to paint. I filled with my favourite filler. It’s called Toupret and is available… Read More