Operation She Shed | #4 The Build {Boarding & Insulating}

Part 4 of ‘Operation She Shed’ — and this time round I’m talking about boarding and insulating. Now, I warn you, this isn’t going to be the sexiest post in the world. The pictures are not the best quality and the content is more function than form. That said, I never intended to just show a finished garden office, so it’s important to show the ‘before’ as well as the ‘after’. Plus I really wanted to show all the work that has gone into creating my she-shed and demonstrate that you can create an amazing garden building from scratch — without having to to buy a very expensive off the peg version. In my last post we’d just erected the structure. It was a very basic once it was up it and looked, essentially, like a very large garden shed. Which it was. But to take it to the next level — away from your common or garden shed to garden office — requires a little bit more than a lick of paint. First task: insulating. We used the same kind of insulation that is used in lofts; it almost looks like the inside of a teddy bear — a thick woolly material… Read More

Colour Your World | #22 Pantone Greenery {Colour Of The Year 2017}

I can’t believe I’m into my third year of  Pantone posts! When this series began I didn’t really have any agenda; I just loved looking at the colours and creating boards to tie in with them. Amazing that we’re into yet another year. And to kick off this year’s colours, it seems right and proper to start with the colour of the year 2017. Pantone Greenery. Of which, Laurie Pressman of the Pantone Institute says: ‘Bringing forth a refreshing take, Greenery is a tangy yellow-green that speaks to our need to explore, experiment and reinvent. Illustrative of flourishing foliage, the fertile attributes of Greenery signals one to take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate.’ It’s such a fresh colour. I think the perfect word to describe it would be ‘verdant’. Reminds me of the Palm House at Kew. Of tennis lawns and cheese plants. Meadows and snowdrops. So in a bid to bring a little of the outside in, these picks for Pantone Greenery are for the sitting room. But unlike all of my other Pantone posts all of this product has come from just one retailer — Wayfair. Colour Your World in Pantone Greenery 1. Lison Throw in Cactus 2. Tropical Sidetable 3. Freschesa Lamp — Pura Lux 4. Meridianus Green Area Rug — Home Etc 5. Hanging Terrarioum Cube 6. 2 Seater Couch… Read More

An alternative Christmas tree

This idea for an alternative Christmas tree has been in the making for a few weeks’ now. I had been chatting to a friend about Christmas and getting a bit over-excited about our annual tree buying day. The fact we always have a fairly large, real tree; the tradition of decorating it. The scent of the pine needles. And she said, much as she’d love to have a tree in their sitting room at Christmas — real or otherwise — they simply didn’t have the space for one. Instead, they had a tiny fake tree that sat upon the window ledge. She said they always made an effort to decorate the rest of the room but were sadly lacking in the tree department, due to floorspace being in short supply. Which got me thinking. Now I’ve seen a fair few non traditional Christmas trees on Pinterest but really wanted to create something that would work in their home. I’ve spotted some fab ladder versions but they’d potentially take up as much (if not more) room as a regular tree. And I’ve seen lots of lovely wall-hanging trees made of twigs and twine. But they’re a bit rustic for my friend’s taste. So my idea for an alternative Christmas… Read More

How to make edible Christmas decorations

Happy December everyone! We’re in the home straight now, just one month away from a brand new year. Silly season is properly underway. Following the success of the iced biscuits I made for our Halloween party, I thought I’d have a go at making some edible Christmas decorations this year. Discovering Aquafaba — egg free royal icing — is literally one of the best things I’ve come across recently. Having a child with an egg allergy is pretty restrictive when it comes to certain foods. Royal icing is top of the ‘banned substances’ list for Bertie, as it’s made with raw egg white. Finding a decent alternative that works — and he’s able to eat  — is a real game changer. You can find the recipe for the biscuits and the Aquafaba icing here — no point repeating it again — but this time round, instead of skull shaped cutters, you’ll need star ones, some bakers twine and little sweets to decorate your biscuits (although that’s not totally necessary). Making edible Christmas decorations After cutting, I made a little hole in each one with a skewer. Then popped them in the oven to bake. Once the biscuits were cooked and fully cooled I set to with… Read More

Styling The Seasons — November

When I was about eleven, I had a pen-pal. Remember those? These days, the term ‘pen-pal’ is probably obsolete. In this digital age, people tend not to use pens to write letters any more. Emails are the preferred method of communication. But anyway, I digress. My penpal was Italian. She had long dark hair, tied back in a sleek ponytail and in the photo she’d sent me, she wore a sea-green sweatshirt . I can’t even remember her name — it was such a long time ago — but I used to love receiving her letters in the post. They used to contain news of her life,  little Italian treats — stickers, scented rubbers or tiny sweets — and basically, in an age where there was no internet, email or social media of any kind, they gave the most enticing glimpse into the life of someone I barely knew. Digital communication is good — amazing in fact — but these days everything is so immediate. You can post how you feel — for thousands of people to see — and even have a face-to-face conversation, in real time, with someone who’s thousands of miles away. It’s the kind of technology they… Read More

Home Etc #74

Happy Wednesday folks! Welcome to this week’s Home Etc For anyone stopping by for the first time, Home Etc is a weekly link up for bloggers who have written posts that include interiors (wish lists, room tours or DIY), garden or allotment ideas, plus crafting or up-cycling. If you’re a fan of all things ‘home and garden’ and have a post that you’d like to share, my good friend Jess and I would love you to come and link up. Home Etc Favourites I loved Gemma’s (Hello It’s Gemma) fabulous foraged items. I’m a huge fan of displaying ‘found’ treasures in bell-jars, so this post was right up my street. Our home, too, is full of weird bits and pieces that we’ve collected; a deer skull and antlers on the wall, a vase full of feathers in our bathroom. It’s lovely to see someone else doing the same. Another favourite from last week came from Jane at the blog Maflingo. She shared her absolutely swoon-worthy new kitchen. I’ve said a gazillion and one times how much I loathe our inherited and antiquated kitchen so seeing something as lovely as this fills me with both envy and joy in equal measures. I love the zingy… Read More

Baby it’s cold outside | Modern electric radiators

I wish the weather would make up it’s mind — one minute it feels as mild as spring, the next it’s Baltic. On warmer days, I’ve been sitting in my she-shed with the doors and windows open but on cooler mornings I’ve literally had a blanket around my knees as I’ve been working. To ensure I stay cosy through the winter months, I’ve been thinking about getting an electric heater and have been merrily pinning away on a Pinterest board dedicated to modern electric radiators and searching online for stylish examples . Long gone are the days when there was just a couple of styles to choose from; we’re lucky enough to live in an age where there are so many cool designs. Whilst you can still buy traditional looking panel radiators, that blend discreetly into their surroundings, there are some surprisingly progressive options available too. Some are floor standing, others wall mounted. Plus they’re available in an array of colours and styles to suit any interior. Some look like sculptures that hang on the wall. Others come in the guise of a mirror. Some resemble cast-iron Victorian style radiators, whilst others are super modern — undulating and curved — or come in paintbox shades that give a plain room a pop of much needed colour. Once upon a… Read More

Colour Your World | #20 Pantone Snorkel Blue

It’s been a while since my last Pantone post. So much for one every couple of months eh?! There’s been so much going on recently though, it’s hardly surprising. We’ve barely been at home and the couple of free days that I do have — during the week when the boys are at nursery — seem to be over in a flash. I certainly don’t seem to be able to fit as much in as I’d like. But hey. Better than kicking my heels and wishing for something to do. I’d much rather be busy, than not. The next colour in the palette for this year is Pantone Snorkel Blue. Personally, I’d probably label this one ‘French Navy’ but I always love Pantone’s names for their colours — and Snorkel Blue is a lot more pictorial — so I’ll let it slide ;) We’ve had a fair few blues since I started this series; Aquamarine, Scuba Blue to name a couple and, actually, this shade is not dissimilar from Classic Blue that I featured in February last year. It’s such a fresh shade — looks gorgeous in an interior setting — and can be paired with so many lovely colours to make it really pop. Clash with fuchsia pink or orange… Read More