About Us

Hello! Welcome to The Twinkle Diaries.

Welcome to the Twinkle Diaries — my name is Caro! I write this little cornet of the internet.

I’m Caro — designer, maker, mum to twins — and this is my diary.

A little space for me to record my thoughts but, most of all, a virtual memory box for my beautiful boys.

I live in a wonky cottage, in Middle England, with my little family.

This is Mr D — the most amazing polymath I've ever had the pleasure to meet
(big man, shaped boy)

He is one clever cookie. An encyclopaedic brain when it comes to trivia; he can build things, make things and he’s fanatical about rugby and cricket.

Long suffering with my crazy ideas, he’s helped me upcycle a caravan and is wholly responsible for building my long awaited garden office too.

He’s the love of my life — unquestionably — and the most amazing daddy to our twin sons (my little man-cubs) who were born in the spring of 2013.

Man Cub 1

The organiser. This boy likes order; lines of cars, books in bags plus he’s a whizz at building things too. He’s got a killer right arm (future cricket star perhaps?) and he loves his bunny (Bee-Ya) more than life itself. He loves sport and can run faster than the wind.

He’s 30 seconds older than his twin and a little taller too.

Some would also say cheekier ;)

Man-Cub 2

My little bookworm. This guy loves words and has been reading proper books almost since he started school.

A sensitive soul who likes to talk — unless the TV is on and then you won’t get any eye contact from him until it’s finished.

He does an awesome Peppa-Pig impression too.

So that’s us!

about the twinkle diaries
(our little family)


I began The Twinkle Diaries when I was 17 weeks pregnant and never anticipated that I’d still be writing after 7 years.

I work really, really hard to create every single post or film and — as a result — our family has been fortunate enough to work with some amazing brands and we’ve had some fantastic experiences.

We’re enormously proud to be on the testing team for the Great Little Trading Company and I also have an ongoing and lovely relationship with Mark Warner and Camp Bestival.

This little space on the internet is more than a blog.

It’s my creative outlet, a memory box for my boys and a diary, charting family milestones.

This is our story.