Styling The Seasons — July (plus a mini greenhouse from Rose & Grey)


Well, we’re very nearly reaching the close of this month and I’ve only just got around to writing my styling the seasons post. But hey. I’m consoling myself with the fact that at least I’ve done one this month!! I missed June’s completely!! I was recently sent a mini greenhouse from the lovely interiors company Rose & Grey and asked to style it as part of their blogger’s styling challenge, so it seems a wise move to combine this with my styling the seasons post for July. It’s such a sweet little object — almost like a miniature display case in a museum — and just… Read More

Operation She Shed | #2 It’s all about the base


Now — apologies if you’re looking for an inspirational, design-led post, full of colour and style. You certainly won’t find it here!!! Inspiration, maybe, but certainly none of the others. I wanted to document this she shed journey from start to finish and the build is not exactly what you’d call ‘pretty’. Anyway, around this time last month, I wrote the first instalment of my quest to create the perfect garden office. A rather un ‘office-y’ looking pile of flatpack garden shed had been delivered, back in January, and the next step was to create the perfect base to build… Read More

Home Etc #61


Morning all! It’s time for this week’s Home Etc! Home Etc is a weekly linky club for bloggers to share any posts that include interiors, garden, DIY, crafting or up-cycling. If you have a home related post, and would like to give it an airing, my co-host Jess — mummy of boy girl twins — and I would love you to link up with us! HomeEtc Favourites Out of last week’s fantastic posts, one that really stood out was from Emma at Island Living 365. We loved her post based around the interior style of The Hoxton hotel in London’s east end. Fabulous inspiration to create the boutique hotel look… Read More

Lizzie’s Way | Camp Bestival 2016


*KLAXON SOUNDING* One week to go folks — roll up, roll up — the circus is on it’s way! There are just seven more sleeps until the gates of Camp Bestival open for another year. Weeeeeeeeeeee! Excited much? Can you tell ;) I keep saying to the boys; It’s nearly time for the FESTIVAL! and bless them — I’ve no idea if they really remember anything from last year but — this is met with mucho excitement; clapping of hands and hopping from foot to foot. {So good to know that I’ve instilled the excitement of ‘festival season’ into my offspring, from such a tender and impressionable age!} I wrote very recently… Read More

Watercolour crockery for summer dining


Every once in a while, something stops me in my tracks and I end up becoming totally fixated with it, until its mine. It began with a cuddly monkey (called Lucy) — that had a yellow dummy in it’s mouth and a rose sprinkled bonnet and nappy — when I was around 8 years old. Then a super-soft and snuggly faux-fur duffle coat, with a GINORMOUS hood, when I went off to university. A pair of wooden Prada wedges from New York (still getting lots of wear after many years). Cushions (there have been a LOT of these). Numerous pairs of gorgeous sunglasses (generally spotted… Read More

Home Etc #60


WOOOO-HOOOO! Summer has finally arrived folks!! Let’s make the most of it eh? No moaning about the heat please! ;) Welcome to this week’s Home Etc! Home Etc is a weekly link up for bloggers who have written posts that feature interiors (wish lists, room tours or DIY), garden or allotment ideas, plus crafting or up-cycling.     If you’re a fan of all things ‘home’ (etc) and have a post that you’d like to dust down and show off, Jess and I would love you to come and link up with us! Home Etc Favourites First post comes from lovely Lins who blogs over at Boo and Maddie. She’d mentioned that she was off on an exciting… Read More

Our Mark Warner holiday Perdepera, Sardinia | Part One


I love my blog; this little tiny corner of the internet. Since I began writing my very first post, almost 4 years ago, I’ve never had difficulty finding things to write — things to share. I don’t have to look for content — I write about my family and the things I really love — so I’ve never struggled  for inspiration and the words have always come tumbling out, quicker than I can type them, more often than not. Until now. I have so much to tell you, SO much to share, that I can seem to find the words! I’ve been downloading my photos from our Mark Warner holiday… Read More

Caravanserai | Camp Bestival 2016


Caravanserai. Now there’s a word you don’t hear very often. Initially, I thought it was a name made up by those clever bods who brought us Camp Bestival – but it really, really does exist! CARAVANSERAI /ˌkarəˈvansərʌɪ,-ri/ noun historical an inn with a central courtyard for travellers in the desert regions of Asia or North Africa. a group of people travelling together; a caravan. Caravanaserai was my very favourite thing about last year’s Camp Bestival and — in that instance — both definitions above perfectly describe it. It was a makeshift cocktail bar — created out of caravans that you could sit inside — laid out in a… Read More