Operation She Shed | #3 The Build {Part One}


In January this year, my boy and I finally embarked on the project that I’ve been desperate to start since I began working for myself around a decade ago; Operation She Shed. I’ve always wanted a dedicated work-space. Having a room in the house is OK but when you work from home — on a full time basis — you can begin to miss the separation between work and home. Being able to close the door and walk away at the end of the day is something that I didn’t realise I’d miss so much initially. But once the boys were born — and my office became a nursery — it wasn’t… Read More

Home Etc #64


The weeks are whizzing by so quickly — I’ve still not really caught up after holiday and it’s Home Etc day yet again!! HomeEtc Favourites We had a lovely lot of blogs linking in to last  week’s Home Etc — the little blog linky for home and garden obsessed folk — hosted by me and my good friend Jess (mummy of boy girl twins). Favourites came from Kara who writes at Innocent Charms Chats. She shared a couple of corners of her brother’s lovely home. Particular notes of interest for me was the gorgeous open shelving in the kitchen and also the fact that the DVDs were colour… Read More

Home Etc #63


Morning home lovers! It’s time for this week’s Home Etc — the little blog linky for home and garden obsessed folk — hosted by me and my good friend Jess (mummy of boy girl twins). Welcome and happy Wednesday!! HomeEtc Favourites Last week’s Home Etc  gave us some real gems to look at — it’s always lovely to see other people’s home and garden style and one particular favourite came from Sarah who blogs over at Extraordinary Chaos. She showed us her gorgeous garden and invited us to take a look at her amazing new outdoor sofa and chill out space. Such a lovely spot to sit and read… Read More

178 weeks and 6 days | An ode to IKEA


My name is Caro and I have a bit of a thing for IKEA. There. I said it. It’s been one of my favourite places to shop for the last 25 years, ever since the first time, when I joyfully accompanied my mum to choose stuff for university. But when you find yourself suggest the IKEA café for a date-night with your love, you know you’ve got it bad. Those iconic yellow and blue buildings are not only filled with fab things for the home but I have a real love of their meatballs too. And bumper packs of mini Dime bars. Food and homeware. For me — that’s a heady combination. I also love… Read More

178 weeks and 1 day| {Siblings July} (even later – oops!)


Gosh, what a month for my little pair of siblings! Lots of ‘firsts’ for them in July. First proper family holiday, the first time on a plane, first time abroad… I could go on and on. There have been a LOT of first experiences; sailing, kayaking, windsurfing. An awful lot of lovely for my two little man-cubs. I’m so, so happy that their very first holiday was so memorable. I have memories from as young 18 months of age so I KNOW that they will remember some of the amazing things that we did during our time with Mark Warner in… Read More

178 weeks | Me and Mine {July} (late again)


July was such a full month. Pregnant and full of goodness. We began the month in Sardinia, on our very first family holiday together. And we’ve ended it at Camp Bestival — more on that to come! July also saw my boy and I host our annual family barbecue (I’ve mentioned this once before). It all began around 8 or 9 years ago, with just the two of us and our parents; in celebration of fathers’ day. Then the following year — as we’d invited our parents for a replay — my sister and her husband gatecrashed, as she wanted to spend time with our dad… Read More

Home Etc #62


It’s time for this week’s Home Etc; the weekly blogger link-up for home and garden obsessed folk to come and share their posts. I wasn’t supposed to be here this week — I should have been in beautiful Devon — but life sometimes gets in the way and we had to come home. On the positive, it means that I didn’t have to leave my lovely friend and co-host Jess — mummy of boy girl twins — to cope alone! As I’m writing this, the rain is hammering down on the roof of my garden office and the grey skies outside the window are a… Read More

Styling The Seasons — July (plus a mini greenhouse from Rose & Grey)


Well, we’re very nearly reaching the close of this month and I’ve only just got around to writing my styling the seasons post. But hey. I’m consoling myself with the fact that at least I’ve done one this month!! I missed June’s completely!! I was recently sent a mini greenhouse from the lovely interiors company Rose & Grey and asked to style it as part of their blogger’s styling challenge, so it seems a wise move to combine this with my styling the seasons post for July. It’s such a sweet little object — almost like a miniature display case in a museum — and just… Read More